时间:2019-05-26 面试自我介绍 我要投稿

            My name is Zhao Wanjun. Wanjun is my given name. Wan means sweet and Jun means person, so my name means a sweet-tempered girl. I actually am! But you can call me June, for your convenience, j-u-n-e, it's similar to my Chinese name Jun. I am from Enping, a small city in the southwest of Guangdong Province, near HongKong and Macao. Maybe you have never been there before, it's well known for the hot springs there.

            In 20xx, I got the highest score in the College Entrance Examinations in my city and entered Zhongshan University. My major is Computer Science. My GPA ranks in the top 40% among all students, but I have stronger C++ programming skills than many others. Also, I was the first one to learn Java in my class.

            I was chosen by a teacher of mine to participate in his project. The project was about a LAN chat room, and I developed the instant messaging system in it. I was the only female student in this project team.

            Besides study and the project, I worked in the Student Union for two years, first year as a member, next year promoted to be the General Secretary. My colleagues describe me as a reliable and considerate person.

            IBM is top on my job hunting list for of the reasons you hear every day. I look forward to joining a famous company as it means good training, good pay, and good people to work with, just like you gentlemen!

            Technical Support Engineer is my ideal job because I have both a technical background and the ability to deal with clients. Also, traveling isn’t a problem although I am a woman.